Financial Capability

Financial knowledge and capability are key factors in the economic success of New Mexicans, both now and for generations to come. Nusenda is uniquely dedicated to this cause, creating the state’s first Common Core State Standards-aligned financial capability curriculum for teachers and students in New Mexico. Nusenda Credit Union’s groundbreaking curriculum goes beyond basic financial knowledge (literacy) by providing participants with tools needed to make educated financial choices and positively influence financial behavior (capability). Nusenda’s financial capability curriculum ensures that participants gain the financial knowledge and skills needed to create financial plans and effectively manage their money. By becoming knowledgeable financial consumers, participants maximize their opportunities in education and the workforce.

The curriculum contains 18 comprehensive modules based on best practice, learning theory, and research-based curriculum models. The modules offer 100+ hours of education content, covering a multitude of topics including budgeting, saving, credit, buying a house, credit cards, cost of college, and much more. Topics can be mixed and matched as necessary, allowing ease of use and adaptability. Nusenda’s financial capability program is currently utilized by several educational institutions including the University of New Mexico (UNM), Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS). The credit union works closely with each institution to modify and adapt the course materials and curriculum to reflect the goals of each individual program.

UNM’s University 101

Because the largest percentage of college dropouts is due to financial issues, Nusenda has partnered with UNM to incorporate a financial capabilities component into the University 101 course. The semester-long course is designed to introduce freshman students to UNM with college study skills, professor teaching styles, and other information that will help to ease their transition into college. The financial portion of the course was developed by Nusenda to help students incorporate financial capabilities skills in managing their finances during their transition to college to create a stable financial foundation as they continue their higher education. The credit union works with each of the University 101 instructors to individually adapt the curriculum and course materials to fit the learning goals of each class.

Nusenda also provides a comprehensive teacher manual, overviews of each learning module, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, student activity assignments, a financial capability specialist who conducts on-site training with UNM faculty who teach the course, and more.

APS Parent University

Designed to help parents and families become more engaged in their children’s schooling and education, APS developed APS Parent University. The program provides parents with workshops and informative sessions on topics related to their child’s success in school. Partnering with Nusenda, APS Parent University offers financial capabilities courses and workshops that focus on how making informed financial decisions can help parents plan for their children’s future, and facilitate their student’s success in school. Financial workshop topics include saving for college, managing credit, purchasing a house, purchasing a car, and much more. APS Parent University began with five participating elementary schools in 2013, and has expanded to over 25 participating elementary and middle schools for the 2014-15 school year. A financial capability specialist from Nusenda meets frequently with a “parent learning committee” to provide information on financial topics as well as relevant resources and materials to be implemented throughout the APS Parent University program.

Financial Capability Curriculum

Nusenda Credit Union is excited to present our Financial Capability Curriculum online.

This groundbreaking curriculum goes beyond basic financial knowledge by providing students with tools to make better monetary choices. It introduces financial literacy topics to students that reinforce their financial capability for making important decisions.

Students using the curriculum create financial plans and learn about effectively managing money. This knowledge enables them to become savvier consumers, preparing them for lifelong opportunities.

Download some or all of the following modules: Nusenda Credit Union’s Financial Capability Curriculum is the only financial curriculum in New Mexico aligned with Common Core State Standards. Those standards cover requirements in math; literacy in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects; English language arts; and college- and career-readiness.