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ABQKindness Kicks Off

Oct 21, 2016

In partnership with the Office of Mayor Richard J. Berry and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, Nusenda is participating in ABQKindness, and wants to challenge all members of our community to participate.  

The goal of ABQKindness is to achieve one million intentional acts of kindness. We are asking our partners to participate in promoting, tracking and celebrating kindness. There are already many beautiful acts of kindness occurring in our city every day. We want to document them for everyone to enjoy AND we want to encourage everyone to join in!

ABQKindness is a city-wide initiative looking to Promote, Track and Celebrate Acts of Kindness.  The goal is to shift our community mindset and make kindness an everyday habit in our community.

You can participate in ABQKindness by doing the following:

Through social media networks developed by the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, ABQkindness will:
1. Uplift volunteer opportunities through the ABQ Volunteer Website
2. Highlight specialized weekly challenges targeting certain Acts of Kindness
3. Promote positive community events
4. Respond to current events
    *Social Media Platforms can be reached @ABQkindness on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Kindness app is capable of reporting and tracking Acts of Kindness of all sizes- small, big and giant! User can use the app to report Acts of Kindness in the following ways:
• One Click Report - A simple reporting method that allows all ages to participate.
• Advanced Report - This gives you the ability of giving more information about the act through several fields like:
 Photo of act
 Type of act
 140 character description of act
 Ability to track volunteer hours
 Ability to report multiple acts at a time
• User Profile to help if you are on a team or organization (City of Albuquerque, ABQ Public Schools, PNM, etc.)
• Dashboard – to visualize our completion of Acts of Kindness 

We want to Celebrate kindness and would like your suggestions. Have an idea? Please email [email protected]. New ways to celebrate your community's Acts of Kindness will appear regularly. 

ABQKindness launches Friday, October 21st at 11:00 a.m.

Participants can download the app, ABQKindness, to start tracking kindness. To keep up with ABQKindness news, you can follow their social media channels, @ABQkindness, and their hashtag, #ABQkindness. 

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