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Summer School

Nusenda Credit Union’s roots are in education. In 1936, what was then named the Albuquerque Public Schools Federal Credit Union was founded by an APS district teacher. As part of its continuing commitment to APS, we provide programs and services to benefit students in the state’s largest school district.

Every summer, we offer complimentary personal finance courses that will not only help students gain sound financial skills and knowledge, but will also earn elective credits toward their education. Because of its success, this program, geared to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors; has now expanded to Bernalillo Public Schools, a district just north of Albuquerque, and Santa Fe Public Schools.

Enrolled students receive a comprehensive student guide/workbook at no charge, and those who successfully complete the course will receive half of an elective credit towards their graduation goals.

The course uses a Common-Core aligned curriculum, created by Nusenda that goes beyond basic financial knowledge by providing students with the tools needed to make educated financial choices, and positively influence financial behavior. It is established from an award-winning and research-based curriculum by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Subjects include how to create financial plans, effectively manage money, and become knowledgeable financial consumers in education and in the workforce.

“As one of the most extensive programs of its kind, this curriculum is designed to teach students the importance of managing finances, while giving them the opportunity to understand how making smart money choices can positively impact their lives — now and in the future.”

Summer School Graduates

"This educational program is just one of the many ways that we work toward making the communities in which we serve better places to live, work, and play.” Shana Runck, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations and Financial Capability, Nusenda Credit Union.

Additionally, since 2015, we have provided scholarship support for high school seniors who need summer school courses to graduate on time and with their peers.  For many scholarship recipients, they will be the first in their family to graduate from high school or the first to attend college. Many of the students also live in single-parent homes.

Summer school tuition at Albuquerque Public Schools is typically $500 for two classes and must be paid in advance. Since the partnership began, we’ve supported 25 percent of the summer graduates each year, helping 100 students reach their goal of graduating.

“An expense such as this could be a barrier for seniors who need summer school courses to graduate on time and do not have other types of financial assistance.”

— Shana Runck, AVP of Community Relations and Financial Capability