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Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation


The Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation offers first-responder technology to aid in the prevention of premature death in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. With each minute that passes without an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), chances of survival go down 10 percent, according to Foundation Executive Director Terry Harris.

Having an available AED can mean the difference between life and death – even more so in rural areas. Contributions from Nusenda Credit Union members through Nusenda’s Community Rewards® program have provided several AED units to Project Pulse, which were given to the volunteer fire department in the northern New Mexico town of Dixon.

“One of the things I found fairly early on in serving Dixon was that whenever there was a cardiac arrest, it really didn’t seem as though there were enough people in enough locations who either know how to do CPR, or who had an AED available to them,” says Dr. Steve Jenison, rescue chief for the Dixon Volunteer Fire Department.

In addition to training his volunteer department, Steve helped to distribute the AEDs to community locations that would have the most impact. One is located within downtown’s Dixon Community Market; others have been put into the hands of licensed and trained EMTs who work for the volunteer fire department, who are now able to respond at a moment’s notice to patients suffering cardiac arrest, even to those in rural communities.

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Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation

The Dixon Volunteer Fire Department is very important. That's one of the reasons we chose them to receive AEDs, thanks to Nusenda.

– Terry Harris, Executive Director