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Since its inception in 1964, Central New Mexico Community College has continually reshaped its programs to provide its students with the most current and relevant skills needed by local employers. It is the largest post-secondary educational institution in the state of New Mexico, providing affordable higher education to more than 30,000 students; who, in total, pump $85 million into the state’s economy upon graduation.

“CNM’s long-term partnership with Nusenda has been of great service to our students in so many ways,” says CNM President Kathie Winograd. “Beyond generous financial support, Nusenda cares about our students’ needs and creates innovative programs to support the success of our students – in school, and in life.”

CNM and Nusenda have partnered for more than 20 years in mutual support of quality education in New Mexico’s communities. In total, the CNM Foundation has raised more than $30 million in program support, and has distributed more than 30,000 scholarships, allowing students to obtain the quality educational opportunities they deserve.

In 2010, the CNM Foundation chartered a new strategic plan meant to help students get in, get through, and graduate, thereby increasing completion and graduation rates. Using performance-based scholarships and wrap-around student support, retention and graduation rates are increasing every year.

Nusenda members’ Community Rewards® contributions go to help CNM students learn and grow by providing scholarships, financial literacy training, campus-wide Wi-Fi, and more.

“Beyond financial support, Nusenda works to understand our students’ needs, and brings innovative solutions and programs to help our students succeed in school – and in life.” – Kathie Winograd, President, CNM

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“Nusenda provides financial literacy training to our students. They helped all our campuses become wireless. They really help us in every way imaginable a supporter can.”

- Clint Wells, Executive Director