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Who We Are

Through the years, Nusenda has worked to develop programs that provide opportunity to small businesses, college students, employers and employees, high-school students, parents, and teachers. In 2014, it became clear that our ongoing support for the arts, education, financial capabilities, healthcare, the environment, and community services – along with other community partnerships and programs – should be formalized under the direction of a foundation.

The Nusenda Foundation, launched in 2015, was created to support the credit union’s new and existing philanthropic programs, financial and technical innovations, and educational initiatives. 

Our mission is to create stronger communities where members live and work through collaborative partnerships; and by investing in innovative solutions to improve education, health, social, and economic outcomes.

We operate as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in partnership with the operations of the credit union; and support new and existing programs, such as Community Rewards, Powering Success, Co-op Capital, Financial Services Career Exploration courses and internships, the Financial Education Innovators program, and more. We’re also responsible for overseeing large grants into communities that provide resources for entrepreneurs, education, public sector innovation, and community development.

Since our inception, local and national foundations took notice of our collective work; and have given us both accolades and financial backing on behalf of our diverse catalog of programs.


Nusenda Credit Union is deeply committed to the cooperative principles upon which we were founded that support community enrichment and advancement. The establishment of the Nusenda Foundation affirms the credit union’s support for the community and intent to serve all New Mexicans.



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